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Today, the process of globalization has created associations with other countries. To contact other countries need a common language.

English has become the most popular terminology and binds people.

2. Language is an important part of man life

& Language reveals the development of individual.

+ Through language human being can talk, exchange info and present experiences. & show sense and save information

& help to develop mind

2. English is among the most common language in the world.

& many countries use British as their mother tongue.

+ a large number of countries choose English to train at college as foreign language + The commercial Revolution that began in britain and pass on to other countries. English was spread, too. & know British you can contact many people in over the world + through English, persons can research about ethnical, traditional, rules, history of different countries. & make friend and analyze at someone in other region.

+set of economic and diplomatic relationship ưith the countries on the planet. + break the language buffer

So , try to learn british better: research more terms, gramma, practice english skill.

English has turned the greatest contribution to the promotion of better understanding Which vocabulary do you think has made the greatest contribution to the campaign of better understanding among the people of the world?

A persons race is usually divided with a multiplicity of languages, a lot of which have arrive to play a crucial part inside the affairs on the planet.

A little representation reveals which the importance of a language is definitely associated primarily with the ideas and understanding it contains. The more ideas a language may convey to individuals of the world, the greater it will be utilized by people everywhere. Thus, the chinese language that is used many extensively is a language that produces the greatest contribution to man progress and mutual understanding between people.

It can not be denied that today one of the most widely used vocabulary is the English language language. There are few countries in which this language is usually not recognized or utilized. Even the countries which preached hatred pertaining to everything The english language, including the British language, throughout their struggle for independence from British secret such as India, found hard to obtain with this language after they became impartial. Therefore , they will not only continued to use The english language in all spheres of community activity yet also started to encourage the employment and research of the English language since means of reaching national progress and unity. These initiatives on the part of the different countries worldwide convey a concept of the importance of the English language language.

It might be instructive, nevertheless , to consider the reason for the extensive make use of the British language. One of the reasons is that many countries in the world have been entertained mainly by simply immigrants by England such as the United States of America, Sydney and Fresh Zealand. Therefore, it is not surprising the people of such countries have continued to use the English terminology, though they may have severed their particular independent position, for one simply cannot discard one's language conveniently. Another reason is the fact, in the course of record, a large number of countries throughout the world emerged directly beneath British guideline, where The english language was made the main language for administrative, business and all additional purposes.

Since the leading colonial time power on the globe, England provides indeed applied a profound influence around the affairs on the planet, though their colonial belongings are speedily becoming independent one after the other. Concomitantly, the English language language has also come to try out a leading position in intercontinental communication. Therefore, many persons whose local language is usually not English language have studied English and be more familiar with English than with their own languages. This runs specifically true with the commanders of the individuals to whom British is a foreign language. As a result, the English dialect is used simply by them not simply...