Essay about Using Google Docs

Using Google Documents

п»їDrama 88

Day 6

Thank god for Google docs!

This week the group's process was to make a proposal intended for our efficiency. During course we made a decision to create a Yahoo doc, which will allowed most us to collaborate employing our notebooks at the same time around the document. As soon as Olivia manufactured the Yahoo doc, we all started to give each group member together with his or her responsibility. My responsibility was to write about the project expansion ideas. I wrote about how exactly we included the Brechtian technique into our functionality along with audience participation. Since we were required to execute a scene during our proposal, each group member played out a role. Josh was the drunken frat dude, Luke was an unaware, dumfounded adolescent girl, Stan was the narrator, and Olivia, Kim, and i also were described the audience in this particular field. Since my responsibility was to write about the project development idea, I actually elaborated about how we applied various methods. The audience contribution comes into effect when Stan asks the audience to tell us what is incorrect with the photo and what the characters performing. This as well ties into the technique referred to as breaking the last wall, the place that the barrier between the actors as well as the audience is broken once Stan immediately address to the audience. Pertaining to the proposal development, from the Google doctor program helped us away tremendously. That allowed us to work together through each of our laptops from the comfort of our individual dorms. This technology helped us type our tips in a single doc, which allowed all the group members to see with ease. Throughout the Google doc, each member was able to view the various other members' function and also give beneficiary criticism that helped each and every one people in a great manner. This is a very useful tool within our proposal development because it urged tremendous movement of ideas through the keyboards of our laptops, which lead to new and exciting principles that were designed for each of our performance such as breaking the 4th wall. A whole new...