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Assignment: Open Response 10 (50 points)

Answer each one of the following. If you are typing, make sure you save this in Rich Text File format,. rtf.

Furnishing and Decorating a living room

In this wide open response, attract a range model and figure designing and redecorating costs.

I. Paint the Walls (10 points)

We are going to work with good in house house color. You can determine the color you want. If you know everything with layering fresh paint, you may want an extra gallon of a different color to coating it. Or perhaps you may want to paint two styles for different surfaces. It's your choice and your imagination.

The room is 20 toes by 25 feet.

The limit is 8 feet.

The color costs $13. 98 per gallon and covers 400 square feet per gallon.

A. What area are you designing (bedroom, living room, etc . )? bedroom

B. What color or perhaps colors are you using? white

C. Should you use the same color in all walls or do you include a different strategy? All surfaces

D. Compute the areas, number of gallons you will need (if different paints are used, how much of each), and last cost for paint. Captivate computations right here.

Fill in the table.

Paint color or colors


Place to be covered

508 feet

Number of gallons of each

2= $27. 96

Brushes, drop cloths, other painting products

$25. 00


$52. 96

II. Find the Furnishings. (15 points)

You are working with a room together with the dimensions, 20 feet by simply 25 toes. Imagine what you will like to have in your desire room. This may be a bedroom, home, living area, dining room, or perhaps recreational area.

A. Now, let's go online and discover the furniture.

Fill in the table.

Home furniture

Size (in inches or feet)

You may estimation this in the event the information is not available


Night stand

23. 25H 21. 25W 17D

93. 95


54. 09H 34. 17W 15. 63D

349. 95


64. 65 X 84. 02

365. 87


35. 44H 24. 69W 9. 33D

50. thirty four

Total Expense of Furniture: ______$860. 06___________________

N. Don't forget different items for use or decor. You may work with other backlinks, as necessary.

Fill in the table.

Other Items

Size, if it must stand on the floor


Decorative material wall décor


Believe in magic wall time clock


Ridegfeild jacobean invertible quilt

96. 99

Total Cost pertaining to Other Products: _______191. 99_________________

III. Make the Scale Drawing (20 points)

Your range is one particular inch sama dengan four toes

On the next page you will see a piece of chart paper. Every single square can be ¼ (or 0. 25) of an inch wide. 4 squares will be one in . long. You may use this or any program you might have to make the drawing.

First, find out the scale proportions of the area and bring it within the paper. After that figure out the size dimensions of each item you are placing in the room.

A. Area 20 toes by 25 feet Scale Dimensions = _________500__________

Draw the summarize of the place on the chart paper or perhaps in the pc program you are using.

B. Fill out the stand.

Furniture or Item

Actual Dimensions

Scale Dimensions

C. Make the range drawing. Utilize the graph conventional paper on the following page or any computer plan which you learn how to use.

4. Find the entire Cost (5 points)

A. What is your total cost of the decorating and furnishing task? 1052. 05

B. What did you prefer best relating to this project and why? I obtained to design a great imaginary place

C. What did you prefer least regarding this project and why? How much time it took mainly because I have various other assignments to complete