Travelocity: Strategy Essay

Travelocity: Strategy

Business Plan

Subject: Ethics/Soc. Resp.

Company name: Travelocity

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Travelocity has a code of values called " Business Ethics Policy". You can actually code of ethics fulfills the requirements of the New York Share Exchange's corporate governance which usually lists criteria for a code of business conduct and ethics; the organization also complies with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission for a code of ethics that applies to financial representatives. Travelocity's Business Ethics Coverage applies to you can actually directors, officials, employees and contractors around the world. The matters that are in the policy are the following: conflicts of interest; corporate opportunities; confidentiality; fair dealing; protection and proper utilization of company property; compliance with laws, rules; accurate books and documents; and confidentiality. Travelocity are required to follow rules and regulations of organizations such as the U. T. Department of Transportation (DOT) and counterparts in Canada plus the European Union. APPEAR IN closely adjusts Travelocity's pc reservation devices (CRS), to be sure the company provides unaltered and unbiased airline information; Quite simply, Travelocity' plans, prices and availability displayed to customers need to comply with DOT's rules. As a result of Travelocity as an oligopoly firm, it must fairly compete with other online aircarrier...