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Lesson 1 to write.

Finding fossil man 发现化石人

We could read of things that happened your five, 000 years ago in the Near East, where people initially learned Yet there are some parts of the word in which even now persons cannot create. The only way they can preserve their history is usually to recount that as inscription -- tales handed down from generation of another. These kinds of legends are helpful because they can tell us something about migrations of people who lived in the past, but none could write down what they did. Scientists wondered the place that the remote forefathers of the Hawaiian peoples today living in the Pacific Destinations came from. The sagas of these people explain that a few of them came from Dalam negri about two, 000 years back. But the initially people who had been like ourself lived so very long ago that even their particular sagas, if they had any, happen to be forgotten. Thus archaeologists possess neither history nor stories to help them to identify where the first 'modern men' came from. Luckily, however , old men made tools of stone, especially flint, because is easier to shape than any other kinds. They could also have employed wood and skins, but these have rotted away. Rock does not decay, and so the equipment of in the past have remained when your bones of the men who have made all of them have disappeared without find. 参考译文 我们从书籍中可读到 5, 500 年前近东发生的事情,那里的人最早学会了写字。但直到现在, 世界上有些地方,人 们还不会书写。 他们保存历史的唯一办法是将历史当作传说讲述,由讲述人一代接一代地将史实描述为传奇故事口� 下来。人类学家过去不清楚如今生活在太平洋诸岛上的波利尼西亚人的祖先来自何方,当地人的传说却告诉人们:其 中一部分是约在 2, 500 年前从印度尼西亚迁来的。 但是,和我们相似的原始人生活的年代太久远了,因此,有关他们的传说既使有如今也失传了。于是,考古学家 们既缺乏历史记载,又无口头传说来帮助他们弄清最早的" 现代人”是从哪里来的。 然而, 幸运的是,远古人用石头制作了工具,特别是用燧石,因为燧石较之其他石头更容易成形。他们也可能用 过木头和兽皮,但这类东西早已腐烂殆尽。石头是不会腐烂的。因此,尽管制造这些工具的人的骨头早已荡然无存, 但远古时代的石头工具却保存了下来。 Lesson 2 Spare that spider 不要伤害蜘蛛

Why, you could wonder, should certainly spiders always be our friends? Mainly because they damage so many pests, and bugs include some of the greatest enemies in the human race. Insects would make this impossible for people to live in the earth; they would devour all our vegetation and destroy our flocks and herds, if it weren't for the protection we have from insect-eating animals. We owe a great deal to the birds and critters who eat bugs but every one of them put together destroy only a fraction of the number destroyed by spiders. Moreover, unlike some of the other insect eaters, bots never do the harm to us or our belongings. Spiders are not pesky insects, as many people think, neither even almost related to them. One can tell the difference almost quickly, for a index always has eight legs and insect by no means more than six. How many spiders happen to be engaged in this work not any our part? One specialist on spiders made a census in the spiders in grass discipline in the to the south of Britain, and he estimated that there were much more than 2, two hundred and fifty, 000 in a single acre; that is something like 6, 000, 500 spiders of different kinds over a football presentation. Spiders will be busy no less than half 12 months in getting rid of insects. It truly is impossible to make more than the wildest guess at how many they kill, but are hungry beings, not quite happy with only three meals a day. It has been predicted that the pounds of all the pests destroyed simply by spiders in Britain in a single year can be greater than the whole weight of all human beings near your vicinity. 参考译文


你可能会觉得奇怪, 蜘蛛怎么会是我们的朋友呢?因为它们能消灭那么多的昆虫,其中包括一些人类的大敌,要 不是人类受一些食虫动物的保护,昆虫就会使我们无法在地球上生活下去,昆虫会吞食我们的全部庄稼,杀死我们的 成群的牛羊。我们要十分感谢那些吃昆虫的鸟和兽,然而把它们所杀死的昆虫全部加在一起也只相当于蜘蛛所消灭的 一小部分。此外,蜘蛛不同于其他食虫动物,它们丝毫不危害我们和我们的财物。 许多人认为蜘蛛是昆虫,但它们不是昆虫,甚至与昆虫毫无关系。人们几乎一眼就能看出二者的差异,因为蜘蛛 都是 8 条腿,而昆虫的腿从不超过 6 条。 有多少蜘蛛在为我们效力呢?一位研究蜘蛛的权威对英国南部一块草坪上的蜘蛛作了一次调查。他估计每英亩草 坪里有 225 万多只蜘蛛。这就是说,在一个足球场上约有 600 万只不同种类的蜘蛛。蜘蛛至少有半年在忙于吃昆虫。 它们一年中消灭了多少昆虫,我们简直无法猜测,它们是吃不饱的动物,不满意一日三餐。据估计,在英国蜘蛛一年 里所消灭昆虫的重量超过这个国家人口的总重量。 Lesson a few Matterhorn person 马特霍恩山区人

Modern alpinists try to climb mountain range by a route which will give them good sport, and the more difficult it is, the greater highly it can be regarded. Inside the pioneering days, however , this was not the case at all. The early hikers were looking for the...