Essay about The Dangers of Cell Phone Employ

The hazards of Cellphone Use

Emily Schneider

Mister. McBride

CLUBPENGUIN English eleven

10 January 2011

Cell Phones Negatively Impacting Secondary school Life

Two-forty l. m. is probably the most awaited time of the day for students throughout the school yr. As soon as the final bell bands, students right away reach within their pockets, back packs, or purses and handbags and get their cell phones. One day, when leaving university, I witnessed a student intensely texting since she went down the hallway, unaware of the doorway opening toward her. The doorway then slammed into her and bumped her off her toes, all because she was paying attention to her cell phone and not to where she was going. While many teenagers often will relate to this kind of story because of a similar experience, the electricity and need for cellular marketing communications in today's culture cannot be argued. Business people have increasingly relied on cellular phones for the expansion and accomplishment of their businesses. Although individuals are relying more heavily in mobile sales and marketing communications, the use of the product needs to be balanced with an understanding of the dangers involved in their use. Cell phones can actually harm their users in a variety of ways. In fact , cell phones are negatively affecting high school students due to the fact that students will be practicing hazardous driving habits; they are displaying sloppy research skills; and might be exposing themselves to harmful the airwaves waves, which in turn studies advise are provided from these devices.

Driving is among the most dangerous day to day activities that individuals embark on. One main factor that increases the risks of generating is driving a car while sidetracked. One of the biggest distractions in the car to get high school students is usually their cell phones. It is said which a driver is definitely four instances more likely to knowledge a crash in a position of injuring themselves when using their cellular phones (Nationwide Insurance, " Driving”). Unfortunately this fact is overpowering because any kind of time one offered second, ten percent...

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