Essay regarding The Ethiopian and the Credibility of the Holy bible

The Ethiopian plus the Authenticity from the Bible

Acts some: 12 And salvation in no one otherwise, for there is not any other brand under heaven given amongst men by which we must end up being saved.

Browse Bible passages in Works 8: 26-40 and work with questions to go over the content. 1 . Who advised Philip to arise? The Angel of the Lord

Philip had a good preaching ministry to superb crowds in Samaria, but he obediently left that ministry traveling on a wilderness road. Since Philip went where the Master sent him, the gospel was brought to Ethiopia.

installment payments on your Why got the Treasurer been to Jerusalem? To praise

3. That which was he examining when Philip found him? Scripture from Isaiah Just how many of you could have read Isaiah? Would you say that's a fairly easy book to understand? NOT ANY! But as we come across, Philip implemented the Spirit's leading. He began the discussion by where the person was browsing. He discussed how Christ fulfilled Isaiah's prophecies. Some people think that this Testament is definitely not relevant today, although Philip led this gentleman to hope in Jesus Christ by using the Aged Testament.

some. Who informed Philip to visit accompany the Treasurer in the chariot? The Holy Spirit

5. Would the Treasurer seemed surprised to see Philip? No

6. The treasurer asked what kept him from getting baptized and what performed Philip state? If you consider with all your cardiovascular

7. And what was the treasurer's response? I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God A few stop in charge of a minute and talk about baptism.

Why do we receive baptized?

•It's a commandment: in Matthew 28 Jesus explains to His disciples to go out and make disciples of all nations and baptize them. •It is a public confession of our faith in Jesus Christ. We shouldn't be ashamed to tell other folks about Christ. Jesus stated in Matthew 10: 32-33 that whomever confesses Him before guys, He will concede them before His Father. But the person who denies Him, He will also deny just before His Daddy in heaven. •We may identify with the body of Christ: It is just a symbol that unites all of us over the world. 1 Corinthians 12: 13 claims we are all baptized into one physique. •It is actually a declaration of belief in the death, burial, and revival of Christ. And In Romans 6: 4-5 when we have confidence in Him fantastic resurrection, we understand we have the promise of eternal lifestyle with Christ.

And who also should be baptized? Only those who have been saved by style through faith and have acknowledged Jesus Christ while Lord and Savior.

And at what age should a person end up being baptized? In Mark 16: 16 Jesus says that whoever thinks and is baptized shall be salvaged, and this individual who does certainly not believe cannot be saved. Which means this would mean it would need to be someone who may reason and understand this concept. So what does that declare about baby baptism? Can easily a baby cause and produce a mindful decision to follow along with Jesus?

How should certainly one be baptized? Baptize comes from the Greek word " baptizo” which means to immerse. It symbolizes Jesus' death, burial, and revival in a way that scattering cannot. Does that mean that someone who is usually sprinkled is not going to go to paradise? Certainly not, mainly because baptism would not save a person. Baptism is a respond to salvation not really part of salvation. As long as a person features Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Messiah, that's the thing, that's what will save him, not the baptism,

almost eight. What happened to Philip following he baptized the treasurer? The Soul of the God caught him away And what does that mean? He was taken to another place in a way we don't understand

on the lookout for. And the treasurer? Went on his way celebrating

I'd like to share a little details with you about Philip.

When Jesus gave his followers the commandment from the Great Commission payment, many of them looked reluctant to leave Jerusalem. It took a lot of intense persecution to spread them. Philip was in impose of food distribution in Jerusalem and, like most Legislation Christians, pass on the gospel wherever he went. Although unlike his contemporaries, this individual did not limit his target audience to additional Jews....