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The Bi-cycle thief

An Analysis of the Italian Film ‘Ladri di biciclette' to Explore just how Italian Neorealism Effected History and Influenced a group.

An Examination of the Italian language Film ‘Ladri di biciclette' to Explore how Italian Neorealism Effected History and Influenced an Audience. [1]

David Roberts

An Analysis in the Italian Film ‘Ladri pada biciclette' to Explore how Italian language Neorealism Effected History and Influenced an Audience.

With this analysis I will explore Vittorio De Sica's film ‘Ladri di biciclette' (‘Bicycle Thieves') [Italy, 1948, Vittorio De Sica] and look at how the ideas and themes through this Neo-realistic film were created, as well as looking at the Italian historical circumstance of the time as well as the effect this film and similar motion pictures had in audiences. This film is regarded as the best example of neo-realism and was heralded in early forms by View and Sound as the very best movie ever made.[2] Neo-realist films were developed in post-war 1940s Italia and demonstrated a gritty and difficult globe. Shot on location with handheld cams these grainy films employed nonactors improvising dialogue much like a documentary would be built. There was by no means an shoot for perfection.

The academy award winning[3] Bicycle Robbers is a vintage piece of grayscale white world cinema. This explores living of Antonio Ricci within a ‘realist' approach as he endeavours to reclaim his bicycle so he can get back to work. The film uses very simple and everyday incidences to create a genuine plot and uses organic emotion to portray the meaning of film to the viewer. The film contains every one of the neo-realist conferences; the film was taken on area in Lazio[4] with handheld cameras applying nonactors[5] Lamberto Maggiorani and Enzo Staiola to show the lead roles.

The scene I've chosen to evaluate is the scene from 01: 19: 00: 00 to 01: 24: 00: 00 where the dad steals a motorcycle from a side road and gets chased with a crowd of individuals in the highway and found and his child chases after him crying and moping. They are then simply humiliatingly walked hand in hand, apart to the law enforcement officials.

David Roberts

An Examination of the Italian Film ‘Ladri di biciclette' to Explore just how Italian Neorealism Effected Background Influenced a group.

To me this can be the most remarkable and powerful part of the film. In this landscape we get to determine an psychologically erratic boy chase following his dad because he perceives people shouting at him and barging him. The things i find amazing is these types of nonactors can display through their body gestures great thoughts and suggestions. You really feel apologies for the son when you see the bothered expressions coated across his face plus the tears and sadness. There are several terrific shots in this picture but I will only surmise that they are random because many neo-realistic videos are improvised. There is a excellent shot since the camera pans beyond the son and he appears on gloomily at was is happening. The camerawork is similar to the movement of the bicycle so I believe that the audience is always to assume the boy is looking at his father. This individual looks nearly angry but worried concurrently.

The camerawork though can be shaky, with handheld digital cameras following the actions round in a rapid pace much such as a documentary part of footage might. This psychologically tells us this is realistic mainly because we have this sort of strong connections with this style of camerawork being in informative documentaries and the news. In addition, it keeps the action going and does not let the film stop. Points go in entrance of the camera like a occupied crowds and bikes as though it was shot in a genuine city.

The place here shows a city in ruin with people in washboard and grubby clothes in the miseen-scene. It will help reinforce the thought of poverty in Italy at that time and helps to

David Roberts

An Analysis of the Italian Film ‘Ladri di biciclette' to Explore just how Italian Neorealism Effected History and Influenced an Audience.

highlight where we are in history and why the man is very desperate to get a job. The damage inside the mise sobre scene about characters clothes, in the...