Essay about Stephen Covey 7 Patterns

Stephen Covey six Habits


Q1: Write a report to explain the 7 behaviors by Sophie Covey?

The 7 Patterns of Successful Capture Managers

5. Habit -1 - Always be Proactive in Taking Responsibility for the Capture  " If the issue is perceived as out there, then that thought may be the problem. ” - Sophie Covey

* Become Proactive in Taking Responsibility for the Capture

* Initiate Activities to Mobilize Resources in Response to Recognized Needs to get the Capture * Develop Ideas and Plans and Implement These people

* Search for Creative Solutions

* Certainly be a Problem-Solver and Problem Mitigator

* Maintain a Positive, Can-Do Attitude

* Exercise the Power of Personal Decision to Respond to Events and Circumstances * Be " Response-Able”

2. Habit two - Begin with Multiple Leads to Mind

" Effectiveness is performing the right factor. Efficiency is performing the thing correct. ”- StephenCovey * Begin with Multiple Leads to Mind

2. Think from Multiple Points of views on the Ends

* The corporation / Division/ Group/ Organization Unit

* The Team

2. The Client's Department/ Division/…

* The consumer

* " What is Each Stakeholder Looking to Accomplish? ”

* Think about Making a Personal Difference, not Carrying out a Job 2. As a Leader -Think about Strategic Alignment – " What are the Right Things to Do? ” * Build a Vision of What Could Be or Must be

* As being a Manager -Think About " How” to complete the Right Points

* Behavior 3 -- Identify quite Things and Do Them When Handling Vital Matters " At the heart of private management is definitely the ability to handle things that are not urgent, but are important. ” - Sophie Covey

* Identify the top Things and Do Them Although Handling Urgent Matters 2. Learn to Determine the Important from the Urgent

2. Begin Significant things Early therefore They no longer Become Extremely hard to 5. Invest Time in Developing Important Relationships

* Balance Development with Development of " Creation Capability” * Invest Time in Planning and Prevention

5. Maintain Target and Discipline for more Control

5. Habit 5 - Think About How All Parties Can Succeed

" Succeed / Win is not a technique; 2 weeks . total beliefs of human being interaction. ” - Stephen Covey

5. Think About How All Parties May Win

2. Think about and Develop Negotiating and Solutions that are Mutually Beneficial * Apply This to All Stakeholders

* The business / Division/ Group/ Business Unit

5. The Team

* The Customer's Department/ Division/…

* An individual

* Develop the Foundation of Character, Honesty, and Mutual Trust 5. Change Lose/ Win and Win/ Lose Thinking simply by Identifying Techniques Each Party Can Benefit

* Habit 5 -- Listen to Appreciate, Then Keep pace with be Heard and Comprehended " This requires a very deep paradigm shift…Most people tend not to listen together with the intent to understand; they hear with the intention of reply. ” - Sophie Covey

* Tune in to Understand, In that case Seek to always be Heard and Understood 5. Seek to Be familiar with Needs, Requirements, Concerns, Concerns, and Scenarios of the Client and Other Stakeholders * Invest Time Knowing the Customer in order that the Customer Understands that the Company Cares for you and Understands * Slow Down to Build Client Relationships

* Develop Imaginative Ways to Get you’re able to send Message, Features, and Answer Heard

* Behavior 6 - Seek and Nurture Innovative Cooperation

" Synergy catalyzes, unifies, and unleashes the very best powers within people. It indicates the whole can be greater than the sum in the parts. ” - Sophie Covey

2. Seek and Nurture Innovative Cooperation

5. Seek Large Levels of Trust and Co-operation

2. Analyze How a Team Provides Value to the Customer Organization and Mission 2. Identify just how 1 & 1 is somewhat more than two for All Parties Involved

* Habit 7 - Search for Renewal, Expansion, and Constant Improvement...