Essay about Social Motions

Social Moves

п»їCommunication & Social Actions

It can be contended that connection networks are not only present in every social movements, but , are actually essential to all their formation and emergence. As Manual Castells argues in Networks of shock and Desire: Social Moves in the Internet Era, social movements all through history could hardly have been feasible without the interaction networks shaped by individuals who had a common purpose and goal that challenged standard of contemporary society. Social moves, regardless of how distinct each could possibly be, are always an answer to some type of injustice, whether it is cultural, financial, political or social, this kind of injustice incites those becoming mistreated to stand up up against the dominant electric power in their society and jointly act to change it. Nevertheless , this group action that challenges the dominant electricity in society is difficult without 1st establishing a particular togetherness among the individuals who wish to oppose the norm. It is through communication sites that people can easily unite and create the sense of togetherness that turns thoughts, feelings and emotions in to actual collective action. As the government and elites so often keep the power in society work with communication networks to attain the consent of people, those who are the counterpower use communication in the same way for the availability of dissent. Governments and corporations use the various outlets of media to speak their values and pursuits in order to effect individuals in to accepting all their power with out resistance. Connection therefore is as essential to electrical power and agreement, as it is to dissent and social actions. Castells says, " the way people think determines the fate from the institutions, norms and ideals on which societies are organized” (p. 5), so when individuals kind communication systems where they will exchange information of their distributed feelings of discontent and injustice, they will begin to think not...