Essay regarding Social Proper rights Syllabus

Interpersonal Justice Syllabus

п»їCourse OutlineRoom: 1207

English doze: Media & Social JusticeTeacher Name: Mrs. Susannah Faria E-Mail: [email protected] netCell: 510-912-2126

ELA Dept. Mission Statement

The English-Language Arts Office at DVHS is based on the Common Core Express Standards. В English courses focus on critical examining, composition, and speaking skills in the circumstance of various materials and nonfiction texts including but not limited to short reports, poetry, drama, novels, periodicals, essays, messages, and content. В The challenging content material is designed to prepare students pertaining to career and college openness. In addition to reading, В varied writing assignments and assignments are also built to help pupils prepare for university, future careers, or community activism. В Each publishing assignment is founded on the Common Key State Criteria for English language Language Arts, which highlight the development of producing styles within each rhetorical mode and across the program. В All pupils will be challenged and provided the tools important to be successful crucial thinkers whom are asked to consider, evaluate, evaluate, synthesize, and create within the sphere of English Vocabulary Arts jobs.

Dougherty Pit High School Expected School Vast Learning Effects (ESLR's) By Dougherty Pit High School, we believe students can:

Be able to talk effectively.

Believe critically and support concepts through solving problems.

Stand for integrity, honesty, and ethical remedying of all people. Be partners in the learning method and take responsibility on their own and their learning.

Program Description & Objectives

This program provides students an opportunity to check out issues of social justice. Using numerous levels of text message complexity, learners will attain the following aims throughout the year: Establish injustice.

Recognize the difference among natural regulation and positive law. Monitor the history and development of " justice”.

Discover causes and issues of...