Essay about Siemens ShareNet: Building a Know-how Network

Siemens ShareNet: Building a Expertise Network

Siemens ShareNet: Building a Knowledge Network

Circumstance Background: Siemen's Information and Communication Network's (ICN) Group Strategy Department had been delegated with the task of proposing a technique for the future of ShareNet. ShareNet, a Knowledge Management System had produced from a small test to a device and was widely used by ICN's Potential department (S& M), have been rolled out to R& D department and one of the Siemen's large U. S. Client. There had been a meltdown in the telecoms industry which usually had brought on major cuts throughout ICN. Group Technique team faced pressure to slice costs and thus, ShareNet was likely to come under increasing scrutiny mainly because it been seen by the upper management being a " Great to Have” and not like a " Mandatory' tool. There were questions around funding upon whether Advancement and Maintenance of ShareNet end up being treated as being a corporate project or the ICN's five merchandise divisions designed to use it being a resource will need to fund for the ongoing expansion and support.

Case Evaluation: The main idea of building ShareNet, a global knowledge network surfaced when an internal ICN consultancy group, Business change partners collaborated with a group from Boston consulting group who discovered the unique concern faced by simply Siemens as a result of poor recycle of buyer solutions and sharing of best practices that was critical to shift coming from pure technology products to products with solutions. ShareNet consisted of know-how library with information around knowledge things that are conveniently retrievable simply by performing research online and immediate request section wherein vital questions could be posted for any person to respond. Preliminary version of ShareNet, that was developed by a web development firm, rolled out to S& M department in few countries was not very well received together to be renewed by ArsDigita. In order to get the word out, ShareNet consultants were employed to provide support to local nation subsidies and...