Essay about Relaunch of Frooti

Relaunch of Frooti

Relaunch of Frooti-The 'Digen Verma' Campaign

" Our aim was to create hoopla around the item, so we introduced a mysterious character called ‘Digen Verma. ' As our target audience is the youth segment, we wanted to highlight their rebellious spirit through Digen Verma. ” -Ram Sehgal, MD, Everest Bundled Communications.

''Frooti has always been located as a drink for kids. Today, we want to situation it like a drink pertaining to the junior, especially, the college-going teenagers. We as a result went set for a real life, pragmatic person, who, like any university student likes to hokum classes, is a great sportsman and is a popular estimate the college, with whom the teenagers can in fact associate themselves. '' -Alka Bhonsle, Managing Consultant, Parle Agrochemicals.


There was not any getting away from him. A cartel at a bus stop in Chennai asked, " Is going to Digen Verma be in another bus? ” Or, when watching a movie; there were bound to be an disruption all of a sudden having a handwritten meaning saying, ‘Digen, your car will be towed'. And, outside in a vehicle park, just about all the cars experienced stickers on them saying, ‘Digen Verma was here. ' In many commercial places in metros and even far off places like Simla, there were footmarks accompanied by the mysterious words and phrases ‘Digen Verma was here' pasted. There are rumours in abundance about ‘Digen Verma' great identity. A few thought it was a campaign intended for the start of new fashion labeled, while others thought Digen Verma he was a philanthropist.

The enigma called ‘Digen Verma' was everywhere, in chartering, film entree, colleges, cyber cafes and shopping malls. ‘JUST who is Digen Verma? ' That's the particular nation seemed to be have been wanting to know. In the 15 days that the marketing campaign lasted in (February 2001), Digen Verma seemed to would be the most talked about faceless identity in the country.

The ‘Digen Verma' promotion plan was one of the most interesting and innovative teaser campaigns ever made in India. Designed and executed simply by Everest Built-in Communications (Everest), it was several teaser promotions launched simply by Parle Agrochemicals for its mango drink Frooti, which aroused the curiosity of the community, especially teenagers. The marketing campaign seemed to have been completely successful in evoking huge interest. Everybody was curious to learn who Digen Verma was, or if he was just a fictitious character. " Merely wait and watch, ” said Milind Dhaimade (Dhaimade), Innovative Director of Everest, the mind behind this entire advertising campaign.

This plan seemed to be one of the most cost-effective way of promoting Frooti. Said Prakash Chauhan, Chief, Parle Agro: " It had been the most cost-effective mileage we have for each of our brand. ” In terms of buyer engagement, it had been a hit too. Said Dhaimande, " The success of the campaign is further than our greatest dreams. ”


‘Frooti' was launched by Parle Agro in 1984. It absolutely was the initially tetrapak drink to be launched in the Of india market. By 2000, Frooti had a the greater part market share from the Rs. 300 crore tetrapak fruit beverage market. However analysts believed that this 16-year-old brand was losing their appeal over the years.

The brand, which scored a 100 upon product likability and top quality and a 95 on product recall, had decreased in the top-of-the-mind ranking to 60, via 95 couple of years ago. The sales of ‘Frooti' as well had dropped over the years. The case worsened together with the increase in competition. In addition to the danger it experienced from soft drinks marketers, Frooti' witnessed heightened competition in its own section tetrapak fruits drinks and juices.

With pressure mounting from the sides, Parle Agro was forced to rethink it is strategy. To revive the sagging appeal of the manufacturer, it selected a major relaunch strategy, which focussed on changing it is positioning. The relaunch of ‘Frooti' geared towards positioning ‘Frooti' as a entertaining, trendy and modern beverage targeted at the youth section, a designated change from its initial setting as...