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Indian Commence of Technology Madras

Chennai – six-hundred 036

CH 3080 Process Equipment Design and style

Problem collection – IA

1 . Commodity future trading, specific gravity of zero. 887, flows through the pipes shown in Figure. Tube A is 50-mm Schedule 40, pipe B is usually 75 logistik Schedule forty five, and each of pipes C is 38-mm Schedule 40. An equal level of liquid goes through each one of the pipes C. The circulation through tube A is usually 6. sixty five m3/h. Determine (a) the mass circulation rate in each water line, (b) the regular linear speed in each pipe and (c) the mass speed n each pipe. (d) What capacity and type of pump will you recommend? (e) How do you join the piping and present the physical design of all the joints displayed in the figure.

2 . Some industry-specific crushing rolls of 45 in. size by 15 in. thickness of encounter are established so that the bashing surfaces happen to be 0. your five in. a part at the narrowest point. The maker recommends that they be work 50 t0 100 rpm. They are to crush a rock possessing a specific the law of gravity of 2. thirty five, and the perspective of go is 30o. What are the ideal permissible scale feed as well as the maximum real capacity in tons hourly, if the genuine capacity is 12% of theoretical? Once very long use, the tires on the rolls in the mill have become roughened in order that the angle of nip is definitely 32030'. What will now be the maximum permissible scale feed, and the capacity? Stipulate the material of construction of rolls and present every one of the mechanical design of the crusher. 3. Crude oil at the rate of 150, 000 kg/h is to be heated up from 20 to 570 C by simply heat exchange with the underlying part product coming from a work unit. The product at 129, 000 kg/h is to be cooled from 146 to 1070 C. There exists available a tubular exchanger with steel tubes with an inside covering diameter of 23 .25 in., having one spread the layer side and two goes on the tube side. It has 324 pontoons, ¾ in. OD, BWG 14, doze ft lengthy arranged on a 1-in. square pitch and supported by exhaust baffles with a 25% cut, spread at 9-in. intervals. Would...