Essay regarding Physics


Lessons Plan one particular

What's Physics?

Unit one particular


Target: To make an introduction to Physics, definitions and method. Teaching objectives I want to teach

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the lessons students should have the ability


To introduce them to the Physics. To distinguish physical and chemical changes. To explain the scientific method. To distinguish various areas of Physics (mechanics, statics, kinematics, dynamics).


To know Physics aims. To define physical and substance changes. To find out the steps from the scientific method.


To spell out phenomena. To encourage crucial thinking. To relate a picture to their description. To provide opportunities to create a variety of abilities.


To describe and sort phenomena. To compare and synthesise aesthetic and crafted skills. To work in groups effectively. To problem-solve collaboratively.


To use ‘perhaps' or perhaps ‘maybe' to make hypotheses. To publish definitions and conclusions. To explain why alterations happen. To use language of cause and effect.

To describe phenomena using scientific language. To use new vocabulary in context.



To relate physics to life changes. To study lifestyle changes. To determine the contribution of experts in physics.


To recognize physical changes in their day to day routine. To search for details using distinct sources. To create biographies. To understand the relevance of medical thinking.

Jobs planned and timing

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Power Indicate introduce the niche: what it is about, the explanation in the topics plus some examples. Pupils will be supplied with a handout with their responsibilities. There will be a few different kinds of physical exercises: working in pairs, matching pictures with a sentence in your essay, filling breaks, plenary to go over conclusions Groundwork: some physical exercises of the handout to explain new concepts or do some research independently.


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For the power-point: your computer, a display screen and a projector Intended for the class actions: a handout for each student with the assumptive basis they may be supposed to learn and with the exercises to support them and to enable effective learning. For the homework: a lot of exercises with the handout provided (biographies and several exercises of physical and chemical adjustments depending on the period left).



Instructor assesses the job done throughout the lesson, the homework completed at home and the students' attitude towards the articles and the utilization of language.

Isa Pont

Lesson Plan two

Physical Magnitudes

Unit you


Aim: To make an introduction to the physical magnitudes. Instructing objectives I would like to teach

Learning Outcomes

Towards the end of the lessons students should be able


To define motion. To introduce them the International Approach to Units. To differentiate placement from trajectory. To distinguish among basic and derived units.

To recognise the necessity of a reference. To distinguish between position, speed/velocity and speed. To know the International System of units. To convert products.



To describe images related to motion. To encourage critical pondering. To associate an image to its information. To provide for you to develop a number of skills.


To describe and classify action. To assess and synthesise visual and written expertise. To operate groups successfully. To problem-solve collaboratively.


To use ‘perhaps' or ‘maybe' to make ideas. To write definitions and conclusions. To explain how come motion is definitely relative. To use language of cause and effect.


To explain movement using medical vocabulary. To work with new terminology in contex. To solve challenges accurately and make themselves understood.


To associate physics to our lives changes. To study daily life changes. To recognise not International System Units.


To understand movement in...