Essay regarding Paul’s Travels

Paul's Journeys

Angela Sams

BIB 105

05 May 2013

Prof. John Fowler

Paul's Many Missionary Journeys'

Paul, born Saul was at first born in Tarsus and a good Pharisee that realized the Holy bible and presumed that the Christian movement was dangerous to Judaism. Hence, Paul resented Christian beliefs and persecuted them with no mercy. Paul got authorization to go to Damascus to capture Christians and bring them back to Jerusalem. God ceased him in his tracks, as Paul was blinded by heavenly lighting and achieved Jesus. A disciple named Ananias was told to go see Paul by the Lord to return his sight. Ananias stated, " Lord, I possess heard various reports about this man and all harm he has done on your holy people in Jerusalem. And this individual has come here with specialist from the primary to police arrest all who have call on the name" (Acts 9: 13-14, Life Program Study Bible, 2011, NIV). The Lord informed Ananias to go to him anyways and this individual went despite the understandable thoughts he had, Ananias knew he must obey Goodness. The O Spirit fill up Saul, right now Paul and changed his life and subsequent accmplishments to bear good witness to the Holy Spirit's presence and power in him. For the time being Paul was ready to carry out his journey's as Goodness saw a requirement of the educating of the gospel.

Paul's initially journey started in Antioch, Syria; which started to be his hq. Paul playing a man known as Barnabas, and followed the Roman empire roads, this made travel easier. That they went to the most populated cities and chatted to the Jews about the Messiah first in hopes to spread the good thing through these people first. That they took with them a younger man named Tag, who was smart and proficient, but weren't getting the bravery to speak up about the Gospel. Coming from Antioch they went to " Salamis, an tiny tropical isle on Cyprus to establish a synagogue; Modus Operandi" (Canyon, Paul's Initially Journey). This is where Paul shed his unique name Saul and became Paul. A proconsul, Sergius Paulus, approached the boys apon their arrival on the city of Paphos to hear the term of Goodness, but his...

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