Essay regarding Role of Marketing in Of india Economy

Role of Marketing in Indian Economy

The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) undertook a

countrywide Monetary Census, initially in 1977 to provide a better frame for conducting follow-up surveys to get collection of in depth information specifically from unorganized establishments. The basic information, relating to the distribution of nonagricultural establishments simply by activity, kind of ownership, rural/urban break up through employment size needed for prep of a shape for executing detailed research was collected in the Financial Census. �

The second and third Economical Censuses were conducted in 1980 and 1990 along with house listing operation of 81 and 1991 Population Censuses respectively. �

The fourth Economical Census was conducted during 1998 in every States/UTs in collaboration with concerned State/UT Directorates of Economics and Figures. �

The Fifth Economic Census was conducted in the year 2005 out of all States/UTs again in collaboration with State/UT Directorates of Economics & Stats. The Census covered almost all entrepreneurial activities throughout the nation (except plant production and plantation). �

The final results of Economic Census 2005 had been released about 29th May well, 2008. The detailed outcomes of the Economic Census can be obtained on the Ministry's websit

The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) is responsible for dexterity of statistical activities in India, and growing and retaining statistical criteria. It has a well-equipped Graphical Unit. The CSO is located in Delhi. Some part of Industrial Stats work associated with Annual Study of companies is completed in Calcutta. Contents �[show]�



Activities include:

* Countrywide

The Central Statistics Workplace is responsible for coordination of statistical activities in the country, and growing and preserving statistical requirements. Its actions include National Income Accounting; conduct of Annual Study of...