Oracle Repository 11g Functionality Tuning Presales Essay

Oracle Data source 11g Functionality Tuning Presales

Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning PreSales

1 . What type of info would benefit from the use of a reverse index?

For index values which in turn increment by 1 . (*)

For any character-based index value.

For any index value with repeating portions.

For indexes with low cardinality.

Correct, a invert index works well for tables in which the index principles increment by simply 1 .

installment payments on your When should you resort to using an touch in an SQL statement?

You should use hints.

You should use a touch to power the windows optimizer into realizing an recently added index.

You should use a hint once you understand exactly why the execution arrange for the assertion was used. (*)

You should never, at any time use suggestions.

Correct, you should only make use of a hint within an SQL assertion once you comprehend exactly why the execution policy for the affirmation was used.

a few. How can the use of bind parameters improve overall performance?

By improving the speed of selection.

By eliminating the need to parse the problem. (*)

By reducing the memory requirements for a issue.

By using info in data buffers.

Accurate, bind factors can boost performance by eliminating the need to parse the question.

4. How exactly does partitioning increase the performance of queries?

Simply by optimizing connects to

By selecting data in advance of queries

Simply by partition pruning to eliminate I/O (*)

By making use of less network bandwidth

Appropriate, partitioning increases performance by partition pruning to eliminate I/O.

5. Which will of the subsequent performance-enhancing top features of the Oracle Database require specific initialization parameter adjustments to gain there are many benefits?

(Choose most correct answers)

Bit-mapped indexes

Materialized opinions (*)

Parallelism (*)


None of these

Correct, you must have specific initialization parameter settings to take advantage of parallelism and provided views.

six. A query work in seite an seite completes earlier than the same problem run serially.


Occasionally (*)


If the SQL uses a predicate

Correct, a question run in parallel will not always finish faster than the same query run serially.

7. The case or bogus - ASM automatically accessories disk striping.

True (*)


Accurate, ASM immediately implements hard drive striping.

almost 8. True or false -- you can perform maintenance businesses on a single rupture without influencing the additional partitions inside the table.

The case (*)


Correct, you are able to perform repair operations on one partition with out affecting the other partitions in the table.

9. What were a few of the weaknesses with the rule-based optimizer?

(Choose most correct answers)

A limited group of rules to choose optimal retrieval paths (*)

Difficulty in using with standard SQL transactions

Was not up to date with most recent features in the Oracle Repository (*)

Necessary extensive maintenance

Correct, the rule-based windows optimizer could simply use a limited set of guidelines to decide maximum retrieval paths and has not been updated with all the latest features of the Oracle Database.

10. For a great OLTP program, which from the following types of data should be placed on your least busy device?


Redo records (*)

Organize logs

Data files

Correct, intended for an OLTP system, update logs must be placed on the least active device

10. What is a great execution prepare?

A plan for installing the Oracle Data source.

A plan to get execution of all appropriate repair tasks to get an Oracle Database.

An agenda that email lists the individual measures used to perform query. (*)

A plan to get development of the Oracle Database over future releases.

Accurate, an delivery plan is a plan that lists the consumer steps used to execute a issue.

12. Just how can invisible indices improve performance?

It doesn't - it just helps to ensure profound results to test the effect of the index. (*)

By simply improving the speed of index access.

By simply improving the use of the index by...