Essay about Open Source Software: Circumstance Studies Evaluating Its Use

Open Source Software: Circumstance Studies Examining Its Make use of

Open Source Software

Circumstance Studies Reviewing its Make use of

April 2003

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Open Source Software: Circumstance Studies Evaluating its Employ

April 2003

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Business Summary

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Summary of the watch case Studies

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Afilias, Limited. - Open Source Database and the Internet.


DevIS - Providing Strategies to the US Government.

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Largo, FL - Open Source Software Supports the City.


Marienhospital – Lowering Costs with Open Source.


Simputer -- Computing to get Developing International locations.


TiVo, Inc. -- Changing the Dynamics of Entertainment.


US Mailpost services - Sound Delivery with Lower Costs.


Verisign, Incorporation. Expanding Open Source in the Infrastructure.


Westone Laboratories – It Began with Databases.


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Stand 1: Open Source Solutions in the Case Studies



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Free ware trojan: Case Studies Examining the Use

04 2003

Professional Summary

After releasing Linux, Inc.: A Survey of Open Source Software -- October 2002 1, all of us recognized a purpose to provide viewpoints on the rewards and challenges associated with open source software. Discussions with dozens of companies in the commercial, authorities and nonprofit sectors resulted in this statement, which illustrates the diverse uses of open source software.

The situation studies extend from the stuck to the data center industry, with deployments in diverse organizational settings. Verisign and Afilias are supporting the Internet's infrastructure; TiVo embeds open source in its Personal Video Recorders; the US Nota Service is definitely scanning emailing addresses; in Largo, Florida, the city supports the majority of their staff; devIS provides outsourced applications to U. H. government agencies; Marionhospital, in Australia, and Westone Laboratories are migrating their very own information technology infrastructures; and efforts from the Simputer project, in India, happen to be prototyping applications to meet needs in developing nations.

Crucial Research Results


Expense is a significant element driving usage. Lower licensing fees, leveraging commodity hardware and keeping away from cumbersome software program license administration processes were the most often identified advantages of using open source solutions. As well, the potential for staying away from software license " range creep”, as being a project expands to address a greater user group, allow businesses to maintain all their focus on the business enterprise value of applications, rather than software finances issues.


Control and flexibility are considered rewards as well. Becoming part of a communitybased creation effort, with access to source code, reduced many organizations' dependence on individual technology companies. In addition , with a solutions assisting multiple cpus and systems, organizations may examine a broader pair of price/performance options when growing systems and products.


Implementation of open alternatives is major, not innovative. The sea modify of the free model shows new issues and for you to all users of technology, and its re-homing will be an evolutionary method. Most agencies will likely include open source like a extension of their existing facilities. Open source remains to be in a very early on stage of adoption. Regardless if commercial software program eventually turns into viewed as heritage solutions, their shelf life will probably be long and co-existence with open source solutions will be required.


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