National Motorway Traffic Article

National Highway Traffic

Angie V. Vega

Speech # 3

Time: 24 04 2013

Specific Purpose Statement: To convince my target audience that text messaging and traveling is the most detrimental form of reckless driving.

Central Idea: Texting and driving is risky because it triggers accidents and causes deaths.


I. Envision if you is going to, it is 9am and you are soon on your way work. A. You get a text from an associate at work when you are driving down the trail going forty five miles hourly.

B. You begin to textual content back when you decide to go across the typical to oncoming traffic. C. You enter a go on collision with another oncoming vehicle. D. You will be ejected from your vehicle and pronounced dead at the field. II. The scene I have just defined to you is actually happens often when people text message and travel. III. Following researching this topic, I am hoping to convince each of you never to text and drive, as a result of danger it can cause. 4. Today I want to discuss with you why sending text messages and driving a car is the most detrimental form of reckless driving.

( Transition: Let's start with the how to get rid of a drivers. )

Body system

I. 1st, how can drivers be murdered?.

A. Based on the Alcohol Warn. com, this year over being unfaithful, 000 individuals were killed by simply alcohol fails. 1 . In line with the National Motorway Traffic Protection Administration, law enforcement officials report around 100, 1000 crashes, that result from tiredness each year. a. There are approximately 1, 500 deaths.

b. There are 71, 000 harms that take place.

c. You will discover over $12 billion us dollars in deficits.

2 . According to Steven Levitt and Jack Avoir of the Log of Personal Economy, they have stated that between 1983-1993 drivers with blood-alcohol limit of 0. 10 are in least 13 times very likely to be the cause of fatal crashes. M. Second how could passengers become killed?

1 . According to National Road Traffic Safety Administration, this summer, over a few, 000 persons killed concerning distracted individuals. 2 . In line with the Journal of Political Overall economy an estimated a few, 000 people...