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Jehovah's See

Jehovah's Witnesses

Gary Davis

University of Phoenix

REL334/World Religious Traditions II

Doctor Devon Jones

January 10, 2007

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses get their be derived from Jehovah, which can be English variation of the identity given to get God in the Hebrew Scriptures. The word Witnesses is taken from the passing in Isaiah 43: 12 " Ye are my personal witnesses, saith the Lord... " Jehovah's Witnesses are a hi-strength religious group that requires an important obligation from its associates. Witnesses now have around six , 000, 000 publishers and pioneers in more than 75, 000 congregations in more than 200 nations. There are roughly one million Jehovah's Witnesses inside the U. T., and just more than 100, 000 in Canada. They have also extended extensively throughout Europe and Russia. They will account for below 1% with the population of other nations in the world with populations above 50 , 000, 000.. (Religious Tolerance) The Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses is called the Watch Tower Society or WTS for short. The Contemporary society is a collection of anointed guys at the Brooklyn NY headquarters. Currently, the group includes 11 people. Underneath the Governing Body are definitely the Publishers and Pioneers. These are member of both genders and all ages who vigorously proceed from door to door, trying to convert the community. People, who are devoted and full-time preachers are handed down the title Regular Pioneer. They agree to sermonize 840 several hours for each 12 months. Back up Innovators do about 50 several hours a month for one or more effective months. Special Pioneers are chosen from among the Frequent Pioneers and they are shipped to wherever the necessity is most. Publishers normally go door-to-door once a week, frequently in Saturdays. If a publisher does not turn in their time for half a year consecutively, they may be viewed as inactive and are provided " shepherding calls" to persuade those to reactivate their ministry. Congregations (called Empire Halls): Equiped members, referred to as Overseers or perhaps Elders will be each offered a specific activity. For example , the Presiding Movie director supervises the elder gatherings. The Services Overseer manages ministry challenges inside the congregation. Ministerial Maids handle bureaucratic obligations that help out the Parents. Circuits happen to be groups of regarding 20 congregations, served with a Circuit Overseer. The " CO" routinely calls upon all congregations two times every year for a one week period. Circuits also organise two working day gatherings because of their worshippers, which can be scheduled two times a year. Districts consist of a large number of circuits; you will find 22 areas in the United States. The District Overseer (DO) manages the region meetings that are held yearly. He likewise goes to the circuit conventions. (Religious Tolerance) Jehovah's Witnesses can search for their beginning to Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916). Following times of being a Presbyterian, Congregationalist, cynic, and Adventist, Russell structured a Holy bible study group in Pa in 1870. The group's powerful tests of the Holy bible reasoned them to discard typical Christian perception on the character of our god, and the growing old of the heart and soul. By 1880, congregations was created in seven claims. Zion's Watch Tower Scriptures and Tract Society were incorporated in 1884. In 1896, the WTS lowered Zion from the title. After Russell's loss of life in 1916, the WTS's lawyer, Evaluate Joseph Franklin Rutherford overtook the administration. Under Rutherford's management, the Society became more centrally restricted. Ahead of, World War I, the Society acquired suggested that Witnesses keep from entering the military. In the event obligated to the army, they should get, but operate a non-combative position. A team of members called Steadfasters opposed all support of World War We. Later, the Society had taken on the situation of the Steadfasters. In 1917 a divide occurred in the course and control of the Watchtower group. One of the biggest break off groups was...