Essay regarding History of Christanity in Samoa

History of Christanity in Samoa


In the early 1800's Catholic ministries, Tongan Methodist ministries, and London Missionary Society Ministries all resolved in the Southern Pacific location. Their combined objective was going to spread the 'good news' far and wide; creating Christianity in the land of savages who does eventually drive from the error of their pasts and into the light of Christianity. Western ministries were of the idea that Christianity brought an end to barbarianism, cannibalism, municipal war, and other aspects affiliated to separated regions. At some point almost every spiritual organisation on the planet has made valid head-way in the South Pacific region, endorsing religious diversity and encouraging multi-religious integration. Christianity has passed its blood-line of influence profound into the fine-mat of fa'asamoa. A number of facets of our culture are actually embedded with religious references (primarily via Christianity). It is currently very difficult to tell apart between Fa'asamoa and Christianity - the two are nearly coexistent in nature, and performance side by side. You might pose similar question to Europeans, Christianity is also the majority in the region of The european countries. The Age of Enlightenment also consists of reference to a global expansion of Christianity, through all means, a European affair. but also a lot has to do with the fact that Nafanua [whom was obviously a well highly regarded historical figure within Old Samoan record - Empress of War] is said to have prophesied the forth-coming of Christianity to Samoa. " In her prediction, Nafanua told Malietoa that his following kingdom (malo) would be from the sky (lagi) and that the brand new God will be all-powerful, stronger than the classic gods of Samoa during the time. The entrance of Christianity is linked by the majority of Samoans to Nafanua's prophecy. " And so to a hugely, our ancestors and forefathers accepted Christianity generally rapidly - due to the fact that they believed Christianity...

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