formal tests should be removed Essay

formal exams must be abolished

There are 2 different ways of looking at this question.

Details in favour of abolishing them: -

� *The way of present examination devices means first fear, pressure, anxiety and stress in the minds of the students beneath which if the student will not performs relating to his/her parents expectations may lead to learners even taking the extreme stage of finishing their your life by doing suicide. � *Some people also believe that examinations are not a reliable test of gauging the power of the learners as fortune plays a major role. � *Present exam system inspire cramming, needless expenditure about help-books and also encourage non-public tuition that has resulted in mushrooming of a large number of tuition shops in every city and even small towns by inexperienced people. � *The present evaluation system won't specify the actual criteria intended for how the markings are given to students. (No one can refuse that exterior factors can sometimes influence the distribution of marks-- just like whether the instructor was in an angry mood over some thing in his or her personal existence, or if the teacher was upset with all the class and giving a test to punish them. � *The pressure of performing well is so much that in the event the student hasn't studied to the required requirements, he/she possibly sometimes uses unfair means in the examination hall to copy from a near sitting down intelligent scholar and receive good signifies.

Others have also stated:

School examinations must be abolished since:

•It can be impossible to test every aspect of an interest within the short exam period, if a pupil is lucky and what he studied for can be tested, he can score higher. •they don't properly determine people's grasp of the subject. You can get higher/lower marks you deserve. •It is impossible to set the questions additionally difficulty annually, if it is easier, he will score higher. •It is possible to examine the examined subjects for the exam then forget everything and yet score high represents. •Some cheaters go...