Essay approach improve the economic climate as leader

Essay means improve the economic system as director

Since President I want to address some issues along with my council. From this essay Let me address the problems at hand and provide some solutions that I truly feel will help to jumpstart our economic system. First I would like to mention which our population is growing substanually simply by 2, 000, 000 in the last year. The labor force has also increased with the human population. As mentioned in the report 1, 360, 000 include entered the labor force in the past year. Based on the report the rise of unemployment is greater than the addition to the labor force. The normal rate of unemployment is at 4%. Using the rate of employment provides jumped from 4. five to 5. five which has me concerned. What really provides concerned me is that the monetary output is definitely on a 60% decline. Even though we have used a major struck the survey shows that will be trading companions have also been influenced and right now there GDP progress has been reduced to 0. 6 when compared to U. S i9000 at zero. 8. We could steering toward a economic depression and we should do something to improve our growth. With a few adjustments and help from the Federal Reserve table we can move the economy into recovery.

The first concern I would like to deal with is the progress rate of the economy. It has substantially lowered over the last season by 1 . 4 percent. We must operate to increase consumer spending. There is a couple of ways to do so. Initially we can do as Congressman Doom advises and enhance the minimum wage. Doing so has advantages and also disadvantages; by simply raising the minimum income it will aid the poor and trigger larger consumption bills. Raising the minimum income will increase productivity in our staff. Congressmen Doom addressed his concern of jobs going overseas. I am aware that raising the minimum salary may push workers out of your job market and businesses may possibly replace workforce with technology.

Tax cutes will also assistance to trigger our economy to increase. There are numerous ways of stimulation. First we can cut taxes upon businesses. We could create taxes cuts about capital...