Electrical Basic safety in Construction Sites Composition

Electrical Safety in Construction Sites






Environment, Into the Safety

Karnataka State Security Institute JNB/March 2007

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Karnataka Condition Safety Institute

JNB/March 2007






Environment, Health And Safety

Karnataka Point out Safety Company JNB/March 2007

Electrical Safety

Shock 5 • Power Shock • Fire from Electricity Fireplace • As a result of motion powered by Motive Power Electrical power, (tools) • Environmental protection Environment effect: Lighting, Signs, Detection Karnataka State Security Institute JNB/March 2007

Construction Work

• • • • Labour Intensive, Bulk Unskilled 5 More widespread than making industry Comparatively Unregulated, Unorganised, Less matter for workmen safety Not enough training and enforcement or rules & regulations Suspended or frequently changing work place, even inside the same task Karnataka State Safety Commence JNB/March 2007

Safety from Electrical Impact

Causes of Shock, Contact, Seapage, Fault


Wiring regulations not implemented, terminations, bones, undersized, wrong type of efficiency Temporary Installs, defective & aged equipment Karnataka Express Safety Company JNB/March 2007


Karnataka State Protection Institute

JNB/March 2007

contact with overhead powerlines:

Stay on equipment. Don't feel equipment and ground as well. Keep other folks away. Alert everyone never to touch the gear or its load. Break contact. If possible, break get in touch with by moving the equipment free from the wiring. Call regional utility. Leap clear.. Karnataka State Protection Institute JNB/March 2007


A structure crane was lowering a concrete container to be stuffed by a pick up truck. The wind blew the hoist line and bucket in overhead powerlines. A member of staff trying to pull the bucket back was electrocuted. Karnataka State Safety Institute JNB/March 2007

on the lookout for

A employee was changing the light in a lumination fixture that were incorrectly wired (polarity was reversed). This individual inadvertently carressed the metal base from the bulb while it was in contact with the socket. This individual received a severe surprise and later perished in medical center Karnataka Express Safety Company JNB/March 2007


A worker was painting a building by a boom-type powered increasing work system. He backed up without looking at how close he was into a powerline. The equipment touched the line. Karnataka Condition Safety Institute JNB/March 2007


A driver elevated the box in the dump vehicle to propagate gravel under a powerline. If the box called the line, he got out of the cab to view what acquired happened. His foot handled the ground whilst his side was still having the door. He was electrocuted instantly


Karnataka State Protection Institute

JNB/March 2007

Eavestrough installer holding aluminum ladder was electrocuted when it handled powerline. Member of staff involved in home demolition functioning from step ladder contacted powerline. Worker applying boom vehicle to install hydro pole anchors contacted over head wires. Staff member moving aluminium ladder called overhead powerline.


Karnataka State Protection Institute

JNB/March 2007

Current & Length combined have effect,

Gentle Shock Trip setting to get ground fault circuit interrupter Muscle Spasms Victim are not able to let go Serious Shock Breathing difficult – possible breathing arrest

3mA 30mA



> 300mA

Likewise depends on the portion of the body thro which the current has flown.

Heart Halts pumping Increasing probability of death Enough current to light a 100-watt light

> 1 A

Electric powered Shock

The result of electric surprise on the body of a human is determined by three main elements: 1 . 2 . how much current is streaming through the body (measured in amperes and determined by voltage and resistance) the path of current through the body and Karnataka State...