Database Project on University or college Timetable Essay

Databases Project upon University Plan

Table of Items

1 . Introduction2

1 . 1 . Purpose2

1 ) 2 . Scope2

1 . a few. Technologies to become used2

1 ) 4. Overview2

2 . General Description2

installment payments on your 1 . Desired goals of suggested system2

installment payments on your 2 . Background2

2 . several. Project Requirements2

2 . some. User Characteristics2

2 . a few. Hardware Requirements2

2 . a few. 1 . Processor RAM Hard disk drive Space2

installment payments on your 6. Computer software Requirements2

installment payments on your 6. 1 ) Operating System2

2 . six. 2 . Application(s)2

2 . 6) Definitions of problems2

2 . 7. Option Solutions2

several. Feasibility Study2

3. 1 . Steps in feasibility analysis2

several. 2 . Technical feasibility2

three or more. 2 . 1 . Front-end and back-end selection2

3. 2 . 2 . Front-end selection2

a few. 3. Inexpensive feasibility2

three or more. 4. Functional Feasibility2

several. 5. Schedule feasibility2

some. General Information2

4. 1 . Entities2

four. 2 . ERD Diagram2

4. 3. Data Dictionary and Normalization2

five. Testing2

6th. Conclusion2

Set of Tables

Stand 1: Business course2

Stand 2: Business Lecturer2

Stand 3: Entity Room2

Stand 4: Business subject2

Desk 5: Entity subject_timetable2

1 . Introduction


The task aims to make an online school timetable which offers facilities to teachers and student to look at the classes that are going on presently. The goal of creating a database is to keep track of class activities and location. Because current work is all paperback, an approach towards automation will be made to reduce human work by avoiding them to choose a particular class in an index. The purpose of repository on the whole is usually to:

* Preserve daily period table just like information associated with class timetable. * Give information about teacher, room number and subject being taught Range

Interface and database on the back end that are being used provides a greater scope and options for students and teachers to watch out for their room number instead of contacting Admin Dept. to ask for the room amount. Technologies to become used

At first, our meant goal was to create web-affiliated application yet due to lack of knowledge in working OR NET. NET and also other related solutions, our app will be personal pc based. This kind of application will probably be designed in Visual Studio 2005. Pursuing technologies are used in our project * MS Visio (For designing ERD diagram)

* SQL Storage space 2005 (Database design and creation of database schema) * Aesthetic Studio (for form design, interface and testing)


Main establishments that are associated with this task are: - • Preserving records of Classes, Room No, Laptop lab, Educator Information. • Maintaining Recognize Board intended for the students.

• Maintaining Just about every Section documents.

Overall Explanation

Goals of proposed program

* Planned approach towards working: - It is necessary that the method, for its smooth on-going, needs to be well organized and structured. Every one of the data will be stored correctly in data stores, which supports in retrieval of information and also its storage space. * Accuracy and reliability: - The amount of accuracy inside the proposed program will be larger. All operation would be carried out correctly and it ensures that whatever data is coming from the center can be accurate. 2. Reliability: - The reliability of the proposed system will probably be high due to the above mentioned reasons. The real reason for the increased reliability with the system is that now there would be right storage and retrieval of information. * Not any Redundancy: - In the proposed system, we are able to assure that no Information is usually repeated everywhere, in storage space or otherwise. To the contrary, if a recommended system is paper-based, there are large chances of unnecessary data. 5. Immediate collection of information: -- The main aim of recommended system is to supply for a quick and effective retrieval info. * Immediate storage details: - In manual system, there are many problems to store the huge amount of data and managing them. 5. Easy to Operate: - The machine should be simple to operate and really should...