Constitution Fb timeline Essay

Constitution Timeline

Constitution Fb timeline

Kelli Callier

Grand Gosier University: POS 301

The fall of 29, 2012

Constitution Timeline

Our founding Fathers had a vision in mind when writing the Cosmetic to ensure every citizens states were cared for equally and fairly. The Constitution was also to set rules and guidelines in place so that not one person or federal government politician may have full control. It was as a country pertaining to the citizens' where they have a voice in what takes place and the way it really is managed. There have been many items which influenced the Constitution together a relevance that contributed to it. I'll start with the Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta was an English Charter that was issued in 1215. It is purpose was going to limit govt authority. It is considered one of the important documents in the establishment of democracy; its effect is evidently seen in america Constitution and Bill of Rights. (GCU, 2012) The Magna Epistola also represented several tips, one in which can be the significant innocent until tested guilty. Others include; proper of individuals to know the charges submitted against all of them, right to common sense by peers before imprisonment, and right to be symbolized by a lawyer. The Magna Carta is usually evident in the Metabolic rate by the restricting of government authority. It was the founding Fathers purpose to not let anyone person or political group have full control. However to include the citizens in the say of how things worked and had been ran.

Second, is the Mayflower Compact which was released in 1620. It was the first governing document that was handed because settlers agreed to adhere to the rules in the government. That consisted of two essential elements; it reveals the promise that America, as it develops, is to be created upon Christian principles and a federal government of law, not guys. It enjoins upon the federal government to enact constitutionally the same laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and office buildings, from time to time, as shall be believed...

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