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Mobile Phone Addiction


Assignment On: Mobile Phone Addiction And Fresh Generation Of Bangladesh

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Subject: Mobile phone craving and fresh generation of Bangladesh

There is no questioning the benefits of the mobile phone. Simplicity of communication, the anywhere, whenever contact -- with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the performance brought to busy lives. The advantages have been sold to every one throughout the world by the cellular phone industry, and in the main every have made the judgment that, yes, the mobile phone can be an exceptionally useful gizmo that advancements personal interaction beyond most expectations of only a few years ago. Even though mobile phone has made the communication system very easy but it also has some demerits too. It has become a vital factor for every person but it really has become an addiction to the young generation of Bangladesh.

7 out of 10 young people in the town area of Bangladesh have own cellular phone. They use this in various purpose. Their appeal on cellphone is increasing day by day.

In 95 mobile phone has introduced to the Bangladeshi people. During that time mobile phone was very expensive and may not make use of widely. The product was not portable that time because of it was significant in size.

The initial mobile phone service provider company was Citycell. The expense of mobile phone connection was about Tk. 1 . 5 falls short of. It was much popular for the common people. After that Grameen Telephone, Aktel, Banglalink, Teletalk, Warid started their particular business. Among all the cellphone service provider Grameen Phone could stand on a strong position.

There are many causes those make the mobile phone popular to the young technology. The reasons will be –

The mobile phone market and their marketing techniques

Mobile phones have grown to be popular and convenient producing their demand high. Access is widespread and inexpensive, and there is very little regulation regarding purchase or perhaps usage. In order to capture the youth marketplace the pay as you go strategy is within place allowing anyone of any age to secure a mobile phone (often free) and also to link to a pay as you go airtime package. The attraction is actually a socially well-known ‘toy' with virtually unlimited access. A lot of value added service such as sms, internet, special packages and call rates during mid night are bringing in the youthful generation.

It nourishes the personal requirements for a teenagers that provide a feeling of worth guaranteeing popularity with friends with whom marketing and sales communications can be ongoing. The phone as well feeds the will for focus, acceptability and satisfies a teenager's emotional drive. Furthermore the the younger generation also get other facilities from mobile phone just like FM radio, AUDIO music, camera etc .

Some young adults can get extremely hung-up within the extremes of continuous get in touch with - the mobile phone gives either zero contact or perhaps too much speak to - by using unwanted get in touch with. Stress can be caused by both sender's and recipient's frustrations. Young people anticipate a cellphone to be quick - fool proof and available at every times

There are a few specific negative effect of cellphone on young generation. That may be hampered their very own daily life. A few points receive below-

• There is big peer pressure to have a mobile phone with the latest technology and design • The ease by which mobiles can be obtained increases the require - ‘pay as you go' accessibility • Parents recognize this since they convince themselves from the safety rewards • The tension of maintaining communications for some is hard • The stress of wanting the same flow of contact may be self eliminating if it will not materialize • Owning a cellular phone, for some, provides a status amongst friends and a degree of self worth • About occasions there may be unwanted marketing and sales communications and even harassment which adds a...