Causes and Effects and Preventions of Smoking Amongst Filipinos Article

Causes and Effects and Preventions of Smoking cigarettes Among Filipinos

Causes and Effects and Preventions of Smoking among Filipinos

A Research Paper

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Introduction a couple of

History Background 3

Limitation of Study5

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Review of Related Literature


Effects of Smoking cigarettes

Lung cancer16

Heart Disease17

Heart Attack18

Factors behind Smoking

Nicotine Addiction19

Expert Pressure 20

Methods to Avoid Cigarette smoking

Self-discipline 21

Phase 3

Brief summary 22

Bottom line 23

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Chapter 4

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Part I


We all know how dangerous smoking is. Smoking has been linked to many life-threatening diseases just like cancer, heart problems and other illnesses. But naturally effects, Smoking cigarettes become a great addiction of Filipino persons.

Many Filipinos in our region are people who smoke and. Even young people, they start smoking because an action of rebellion or independence, some smoke cigars because of curiosity and some children smoke to get " in”.

Our federal government passed several laws about the sale of cigarette products. Companies have been instructed to include a health warning upon all deals and cartons of cigarette. But instead of avoiding this product, we keep on buying cigarettes.

We know that all of us cannot receive any reap the benefits of smoking, it will eventually just trigger us damage. It will eliminate our body and affect our health and wellness and also other`s people overall health, specially the secondhand cigarette smokers.

Smoking can kill us slowly simply by damaging each of our internal organs, specifically lungs, and heart. After damaging this kind of organ, smoker will feel weakness, vomiting, very easily got fatigued. This happen to be possible effects of nicotine to our body. Cigarette smoking is a substance of cigarette where people become addicted and reliant.

Smokers have got a short life span compared to people who doesn`t smoke. Basic on research, A stick of cigarette can lessen your life by about three minutes.

History Backdrop

American Indians smoked smoking cigarettes in water lines long before " Christopher Colombus” sailed to the New World in 1492. Colombus bought a lot of tobacco seeds back to The european union, where maqui berry farmers began to increase plant to be used as remedies that helped people unwind. In 1560, A French diplomat named " Jean Nicot”-from whom cigarettes receives it is...

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