Article Analyze 2 Week 5 Baptist Essay

Article Analyze 2 Week 5 Baptist

Liberty University

Article Critique

" Baptists as well as the Ecumenical Movement”


Professor John Briggs

In Partially Fulfillment of the Requirements Intended for

The Study course CHHI 665

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

By simply

Dedra Duty

Lynchburg, Virginia

Sunday, February sixteen, 2014


In the document, Baptists as well as the Ecumenical Motion by John Briggs, the role and history of Baptists in their engagement with the Ecumenical Movement is discussed. This content critique can summarize the main points of the article, as well as look at the strengths and weaknesses. The conclusion of this evaluate will determine the overall efficiency of the content. Summary

The article Baptists and the Cooperative Movement records the history of the way several European Baptists have involved and participated while using ecumenical movement. In the first listing of history by Briggs, he points out that the " origins in the Baptist motion are to be present in the history from the Radical Reformation and in the logic of English Separatism, it is difficult not to see Baptists as normally schismatic. ”1 He strains that Baptists are seen because naturally separatists because of the good the denomination and their growth as a whole. The intent of the article can be obtained from one of the concluding statements by simply Briggs. He says, " although I hope I use filed enough detail to exhibit that the Baptist contribution in this area has been sacrificial and considerable, but generally unrecognized. ”2 Throughout the content and list made, Briggs drives house the point the Baptists, even though often seen as isolated or maybe divided from the other churches and the evangelizing on the planet, are making efforts and work alongside of other believers to get the job done. Strengths

One of the advantages of this article is the fact it made into an easy understandable list, setting out the input and history of Baptists about the ecumenical motion. Each figures list provides evidence of his intention inside the article. For instance , in the 1st five portions in his list he discusses the history, laying a foundation that gives the reader a place to begin learning the motive of his article. He then moves on to amount six that gives us the definitions of international and inter-confessional sizes of agreement, moving more deeply into the meats of the article, explaining the involvement, individuals in favor of, and the mark from the Baptist denomination on growing the gospel alongside of other believers.

Another durability of the article is when Briggs begins to summarize his thoughts and proof of participation to stress his point. He says that within the World Authorities of Church buildings the Baptists make up the most membership and they act as " members of staff, since members of vital committees and commissions, and as business office holders. I believe we strike well previously mentioned our fat in these aspects. ”3 These kinds of numbers and offices help to prove his point that Baptists are not as segregated and as anti-ecumencial as some might observe those to be. He goes on to add that there are additional levels of participation that vary from regional to national in Christian help organizations. An additional strength, which also appears to be the helpful part of making this article effective and general worth the read to a Christian in general, is seen in his concluding assertion of a estimate by Timothy Richard of China, " How can all of us expect an unbelieving community to take us seriously in our talk about a gospel of reconciliation whenever we remain thus obviously un-reconciled to one another? ”4 One more durability by the writer can be seen in his examination of the Evangelical Revival, which states opened up the re-emphasis about communion among the churches. Briggs says, " So let me make the stage that evangelicalism and agreement are far coming from being compared with: rather normally the one is the child of the other. ”5 It is a great point that evangelism and ecumenism go hand in hand and are birthed out of any need to reach the...

Bibliography: Briggs, David. " Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement”. Log of European Baptist Research. Volume 6th. 1 . 11-17, 11-17. 2005.